Office Relocation

Office relocation, especially if to another part of the country, needs a lot of careful planning, because not many companies can afford a long period of being out of action while one office is decommissioned and another one is being got ready. If possible, it is certainly a wise move to have both offices working together for the initial relocation period. Although this will mean extra rents or leases, it will pay for itself in that there will be no loss of revenue.

Key staff should be planning for some months which files will be needed first at the new location. With paperless offices very much on the wish list but rarely achieved, there will be at least some papers which must be kept to hand throughout the office relocation process. A lot of stress can be prevented by making copies of everything essential, which can be in both places at once.

Staff can’t be in two places at once, though, and so once the initial packing is done, it is best to leave the actual physical move to experts who have a lot of experience in office relocation. One of the main things to bear in mind is that there is a certain logical order to what is needed first in the new place and last in the old. Sadly, these are unlikely to be the same things, so it isn’t simply a case of last in first out. In fact, it is much more likely that it is first in, first out and this means that you will need a van packed in such a way that this will be easily achieved at the other end. Experienced office relocation movers do this as a matter of course and although hiring them is an extra expense at an expensive time for a business, the convenience makes it more than worthwhile.

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