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Garage Door Ideas – DIY Or Hire Professional

Although the garage is used very roughly, but it has a considerable impact on the front elevation of your house. Garages these days are no more only functional instead they can be very artistic.Try some novel ideas for your garage door new look.

Let’s paint

If you have been good at painting at school or college here is your chance to show some creativity. Even if you don’t know how to paint, grab a paint bucket and a brush and try something abstract and colorful. If you don’t want to take a risk,search for a picture,scenery, any animal or anything you like to see on your garage door. Place it in front of you, buy the required color and start the fun. Before starting to paint, make sure you clean the garage door with water and then let it dry. Apply the coat of any neutral tone as a base color and then bring some innovation. You can also paint the walls of your garage with the same theme so that when you open the door the inside looks much similar to the outside.

Garage Door Ideas


If you are not willing to paint, be simple. Buy some posters or wallpapers and paste them on your garage doors. Be creative just imagine what you would like to see and buy that theme. First clean your door and remove any patches or peeling paint. If required paint the door with white color to set a base and then paste colorful posters or wallpapers using glue. Make sure the adhesive you use should be of good quality and water resistant.

Wooden Art

You can use wooden panels on your garage door to make it look beautiful. If you are skillful and have the required tools (hammer, nails, drill machine, saw etc.) you can easily do this job on your own. After cleaning your door thoroughly you can renovate and repair your door with wooden planks or completely fix a new door. For all sort of delivery of fixture, fitting and tools, just call Man And Van Services In Guildford.


If you are not comfortable with painting your garage door or any of the ideas above, try out spraying. Clean your garage door thoroughly, remove any stains or rust carefully. Try the spray liquid wax or nano wax to clean the door. It will regain the shine of your door and remove all the stains it has.